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Energy Management System

Utility costs are a huge percentage of a facility’s operating costs, and with the cost of energy increasing, it’s more important than ever to become as energy efficient as possible. TSSECC installs reliable, high- performance, energy-efficient systems that allow you to gain more control over your energy usage, regardless of budget or facility type.

Energy Monitoring

TSSECC power monitoring systems document and report where, when, and how energy is being consumed. Once the current energy usage is determined, it is possible to create a plan for energy reduction and optimization.

Energy Analytics

We offer a series of energy audits that help identify and evaluate opportunities to conserve energy and reduce operating costs while also factoring in your facility’s systems, components, controls, and historic utility data.

Energy Rebates

It pays to get more control over energy usage. TSSECC can help you earn and apply for valuable rebates based on your energy conservation efforts. Many of our services and equipment upgrades qualify for energy rebates and incentives from utility companies, which can turn into substantial savings, significantly increasing your ROI an certain facility investments. We will help determine if you quality for a rebate, and even complete the paperwork.