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Automation & Control

We recommends an approach based on the development of a wide range of control and automation systems that prioritize performance and quality through optimization of production processes. We also stands out by offering the industry innovative solutions that contribute to improving the safety of employees in their work environment.

Electrical CAD Design

A good technical documentation is the basis for the success of a project and the efficiency for troubleshooting and maintenance work. The design of automated systems and control panels poses challenges due to the complexity of the details and standards to be respected. Our service is complete and our experienced and competent team ensures that you meet the standards, the quality and the budget of your projects. For the manufacture of control panels or automated systems, we do Layout Drawing, Terminal Block Design, Equipment List, Transcription of Drawings, Survey of Existing Control Systems and System Documentation.

Robot Cell Palletization

        Industrial robotization for customers wants to be productive and competitive. We integrate robots in production to improve productivity, increase profitability, increase versatality and to enhance reliability and safety.

Our various applications include : Cobot integration | Transfer (pick and place) | Delta: High-speed food canning | Palletiser / Depalletiser | Boxing | Grinding / Deburring | Welding | Robot Cell Security.

Servo-motor Integration

       To maximize the efficiency of your operations, the integration of positioning systems with servo motors to production lines is a very advantageous solution. The latest positioning technologies allow us to quickly and consistently achieve high return on investment. Positioning systems formerly reserved for numerical controls and machining applications are now available in all stages of manufacturing, assembling or handling your products.

Industrial Network Integration

To increase the productivity, reliability and flexibility of plant production, communication between computer systems and processors used in production equipment has become essential. Industrial automation networks benefit from the standards developed on computer architectures.

The most common networks supported by us : Ethernet TCP/IP | ControlNet : Control Network | DeviceNet | DH+ | Remote IO | Modbus Plus | CANopen | EtherCat | Profibus | AS-i .

Machine Safety Integration

        We shall be able to comply a recommendation from your health and safety committee or an employee. We can help you achieve your goals. Equipment to be secured Custom automated production line, Conveyor line, Robotic Cell, Wrapping machine, Hydraulic press, Machine tool.

Variable Frequency Drive Integration (VFD)

Variable frequency drives have become a must in many industrial applications for motor control: Coil winder: Speed control, tension control | Process control loop open, closed | Variable constant torque control | Control of pumps flow, water hammer | Control of ventilators | Integrated security machinery | Integration of industrial networks: Ethernet / IP, Modbus | Handling | Load sharing | Conveyor system | Speed control.

PLC Programming

Companies are constantly adapting to new markets, new products and new productivity challenges. Production lines needs to be more flexible and versatile. Our Services include : Integration of new PLCs : selection, set up of new programmable logic controller (PLC), program | Optimization of existing PLCs : Add new functionalities to existing equipment to make new products, to increase productivity | Networking : Networking with servers or other controllers | Upgrade : obsolete PLCs that need to be replaced by newer ones.

HMI Programming

The integration of operator interfaces with production equipment ensures flexibility and versatility. In recent years a large amount of operator interface has been introduced to the market. The operator interfaces are offered by several manufacturers in several countries in several formats. The use of HMI includes : Integration: Integrate new interfaces into new systems or into existing systems | Optimization: Make production lines more efficient and flexible by optimizing the screen pages of existing systems | Change: Add or modify screen pages to allow for new functions | Update: Replace obsolete operator interfaces with newer or more powerful models | Ergonomic: Make interfaces easier to use