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Building Management System

Building Management System holds a wealth of data about a building and the occupants – who is onsite, where they are, and even where they are likely to be going. Knowing when an area is occupied and how many people are in a room, allows for tight integration with air conditioning, lighting and other building systems. Extend efficiency by using this data to make some intelligent decisions around how the building is run.

The variety of functions include :

  • Configure lighting to come on progressively as staff arrive and turn off as they leave
  • Turn heating off over weekends and holidays for a significant reduction in energy use and cost savings
  • Activate lighting in low occupancy areas only when sensors detect motion
  • Adjust lighting levels based on current ambient light
  • Control lighting based on areas that employees onsite are allowed to access
  • Set lighting to adjust to full power when cleaners arrive in the evening to ensure good visibility
  • Turn off non-essential items automatically when the alarm is set at the end of the day, and on again when the alarm is deactivated
  • Configure HVAC systems to maintain a lower temperature when a building is unoccupied and increase to a comfortable temperature as people arrive for the day
  • Temperature sensors provide feedback to the system to deliver heating or cooling as needed
  • Turn off air conditioning when a window is opened, then back on when the window is closed