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Turnkey Solutions

TSSECC offers a complete single-source solution for even the most ambitious infrastructure projects, where the erection of high voltage overhead transmission lines plays a crucial role. Overhead lines transport electric power over great distances from its source, across a variety of networks, to centres of public and industrial consumption. They are therefore an essential component in large-scale energy supply infrastructures, whose voltages are virtually standardised. The full-service portfolio of TSSECC is based on our competence, which is vendor independent, together with our detailed knowledge of the processes, operating resources and technical systems involved in network operation.

TSSECC has over 25 years of experience in OHL construction and has completed more than 500 Kms of EHV-OHL varying upto 220 kV.
We have executed a large number of turnkey projects in South India. TSSECC team consists of highly skilled man power right from Surveyors, Field Engineers, Construction Manager and Project Manager with an
able and efficient support from Head Office, both in Construction
Management and Design and Engineering.